Impact Stories

  • Post Rock Extension District

    The Post Rock Extension District recently held a 'Dining with Diabetes' program. This program helps individuals learn different strategies to manage their diabetes, whether is it through carbohydrate counting, portion control or meal planning.

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  • Lincoln Art Center

    The 50-year old flooring at the Lincoln Art Center was showing wear and discoloration and was full of broken and missing tile. Visitors were commenting on its condition and it was distracting attention from the quality art exhibits.

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  • Hunter Economic Development Corp.

    The only way to get community events and news out to the City of Hunter and tourists driving through was a single blackboard by the community center that could only be seen if you were already in Hunter and from one direction.

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  • USD 299, Building Bricks for Cooperative Learning and STEM Development

    To purchase building bricks (aka “Legos”) to promote cooperative learning in group settings, both education and therapeutic.

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