Designated Fund

A Designated Fund is a restricted, endowed fund held by the Foundation in which the donor specifies fund beneficiaries at the time the fund is established. The designated fund is invested for long-term growth and distributes annual grants to those charities named by the donor. Designated funds offer a simple way to support your favorite charities in perpetuity. Grants can be made in your name, or in anonymity.

The Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund for Post Rock (This fund was established with matching dollars from the Kansas Health Foundation’s GROW II program. It will provide an annual gift to the Post Rock Administrative Fund to allow the Foundation to continue its charitable efforts in theĀ Post RockĀ area.)

The Robert Durham Trust for the Friends of S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden
The Robert Durham Trust for the Lucas Area Community Theater
The Forrest D. Meyer Fund for the 1st Presbyterian Church (Sylvan Grove, KS)
Sylvan Historical Society
L. Eileen Broberg Fund
Blue Hill Masonic Lodge #198 Legacy Fund

Robert Durham’s Legacy

Dee Durham wanted to do something special that would honor her husband Bob's memory as well as benefit her local community, Lucas, KS. By creating two designated funds, The Robert Durham Trust for the Friends of S.P. Dinsmoor's Garden of Eden and The Robert Durham Trust for the Lucas Area Community Theater, his legacy will live on forever while providing annual income to these two charities.

"Since Bob was a Shrine Clown and enjoyed being with the children, I wanted his memorial to reflect that," Durham commented. "I also wanted it to be in our area, so I chose Lucas Area Community Theater and Friends of the Garden of Eden."

"The Foundation greatly appreciates the generous gift and two new funds established by Dee Durham to honor her husband, Bob, and family," said PRCF Board Chair Sandy Labertew. "Because of her understanding and trust of the Post Rock Community Foundation, she is providing a means to support and improve the Lucas community for future generations."