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2014 Annual Report: Building a Brighter Post Rock Area

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Dear Friends,

The Post Rock Community Foundation sincerely thanks you for the donations you’ve made to the Foundation throughout this past year. With the help of your donations, we were able to provide more than $4500 in grants this year. These grants were used to improve technology, provide recreational needs, and promote healthy living for many within our Foundation area. Each year, our grant money has increased which allows more money to benefit the nonprofits in our area, making the Post Rock area a brighter place to live.

Our goal this year has been to inform and educate individuals and organizations about the community foundation. Presentations were made to local clergy, alumni groups, Lion’s Club, theater board members, senior centers, church board members, and individuals regarding endowments and how they help to sustain local nonprofits.

It is important to remember that endowments with the Post Rock Community Foundation become “forever” funds which will forever sustain and grow our rural communities. We hope that we can continue to work together to make a brighter Post Rock area now and forever.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our 2014 Annual Report.


Sandy Labertew, Board Chair

To read our 2014 Annual Report, please click here.